Guiding principles

Our first public meeting

A successful public meeting. Thank you to all who attended!

Working with Park Pride, Friends of Needham Park hosted our first public community meeting on Saturday, January 26. Over 20 members of the community turned out in order to have their voices heard.

We asked attendees to answer several important questions:

  • What is important to you about the park?
  • What experiences/sights/sounds would you like to have in the park?
  • If you could change ONE thing about the park, what would it be?

Developing guiding principles

Our Steering Committee has analyzed the community’s feedback and distilled four key guiding principles to set the stage for the Friends’ future efforts:

  • Protect, preserve, and enhance Needham Park’s tree canopy, stream system, and natural habitat
  • Create opportunities in Needham Park to build community
  • Provide safe access to, circulation through, and community awareness of Needham Park
  • Create a peaceful, safe, and educational place to enjoy nature

Let us know what you think!

So what’s next?

If you’re in the community but have not yet completed our survey, please take a few minutes so that we can hear from you! The survey will be open until April 18, 2019.

We also hope you’ll join us at our second public meeting on Saturday, March 2!

And as always, keep an eye on our events page on Facebook for regular meetings of the Friends and other happenings!