Thank you!

The Friends of Needham Park, together with Park Pride, held the fourth and final Public Meeting for the park visioning process on Saturday, June 15.

The community turnout at this meeting was exceptional! We met new neighbors and saw familiar faces, all of whom wanted to learn more about the plan we’d assembled.

Major turnout!

Park Pride‘s Teri Nye presented both a final design plan, based on previous concepts and community feedback, and some specific large and small projects that can be pursued to realize the design. Attendees were given feedback forms and asked to rank specific projects in order of priority. This information will go a long way toward shaping the Friends’ next steps with Needham Park!

We’d like to extend a specific note of gratitude to Mr. Davis Fox, of Commissioner Gannon‘s office, for attending today’s meeting to show that office’s outreach and involvement. It is only by working with the commissioners and with DeKalb County that we can truly improve Needham Park.

And most importantly, we’d like to thank YOU! Community has been key in the visioning process. Our plans for Needham Park are based on the needs and desires of the community. We strive to adhere to our guiding principles and make Needham Park the best it can be everyone around.

But just because this is the final Public Meeting for the visioning process doesn’t mean that we’re done. Far from it! As a next step, the visioning Steering Committee is preparing to apply for grants to fund projects around the park. Many grants are based on donation matching, so we must rally as a community to help improve our local gem.

The Friends of Needham Park will continue to meet and host cleanups and other community events in the park! We encourage you to attend, so be sure to follow our work here and on Facebook.

And of course, we’ll be posting updates in both locations with details on the final plan and projects in the park. This will be an exciting journey forward as a community, and we’re happy to have you along for the ride.